Encyclopedia of the Common Man, Ellen the Tailor

#1RebelSoulJahPosted 11/9/2012 5:43:51 PM
I've spent a good hour or two scanning the artisans. The final artisan I have to scan is the Tailor. The only place I have been able to find her is the blacksmith area. When scanning it says I have already scanned, even though I have 0/3 for the tailor. I have tried quitting are restarting, running out of the area, and fast traveling. I would like to get this over with so any help is appreciated.
#2ViruzFitiaPosted 11/9/2012 5:51:41 PM
It may be picking up the blacksmith if she's doing something with him. It seems like she only does her tasks during the summer months and it's more or less based on luck.
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You need to get her around her house. There are two on the porch and one off the porch to the right.
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Ellen is best done in the morning, in the summer (diggity)

Make sure you've done all her missions then go to her house (its across Big dave's)
set a custom marker on the area so you will be able to go back..

now run from and to her , making sure her name completely dissappears from the minimap. then walk back. Repeat a couple of times and you will get it.
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Ok I've managed to use the run to and from technique. But I've only found the tailor 3/4 times. I've scanned for sewing on the porch, and measuring a shirt. The third time she is talking to Prundence the farmer. Fourth time she is nowhere to he found. She SHOULD be washing clothes anyone know where?