Connor and Haytham (spoilers)

#1kaitiekPosted 11/11/2012 9:34:02 AM
So I'm getting confused as to who knows what about Connor and his lineage, because it seems like the characters themselves can't keep track. Back when Connor harassed Achilles into taking him in, they talked about the Templars and Achilles mentioned Haytham being Connor's dad. Then, right before he gets his robes, they talk about the Templars again, and one of them (I think Achilles but I can't remember) seems surprised to learn Haytham is Connor's dad.

Now I'm on sequence 9, and now Haytham seems to magically know he's Connor's dad, despite it saying in the animus database that Ziio kept it a secret from Haytham. Now I understand the guy's a Templar and has access to a lot of information, but if that's the case at least have Connor question how the hell he knows or something... And now I just got in to see Church and after Haytham announces Connor as his kid, Connor seems surprised like "how did you know you're my dad?" despite calling him "Father" in the beginning of the sequence and Haytham already declaring he knows Connor's his kid. I know it could be more a shock that Haytham is publicly recognizing him as his son, but still...
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I thought it was weird that Connor knew who his father was the first time. Achilles shows him the pictures of the Templars and Connor is like "my father, he has to die too" before anyone else mentioned it. I suppose his mom told him about daddy or something, but I thought it would be a Star Wars style reveal or something.
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I didn't get that either. I mean it's possible he knew the name since it was written next to/above/below his picture, but it still came off as odd that he would immediately recognize his dad. I doubt Ziio had any portraits of him laying around...

I thought it was going to be too, so I was a little disappointed.
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The way I see it is the name...Haythem Kenway...a very unique that most likely would have been on any portrait of him..including the one in Achillies' basement. Maybe Haythem was pointed out to Connor at some point. As for Haythem knowing about Connor..I jsut go with the idea that he's a Templar and he has spies.
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It looked like Connor actually had Haytham's journal(during sequence 4 very first cutscene)

so I'm sure there was some kind of information in there.
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lol at Haytham and Connor having a Vader and Luke moment