So why cant I murder children?

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I just wanna be able to punch them...seriously that laugh is just terrible
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I think it's frowned upon in our society. Probably because its physcotic idk.
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I've never tried it but can't you lay a trip mine by some guards that just happen to be standing by some children?
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Argh, I can't edit my message...

The other day I called my assassin's out as bodyguards and the kids scattered the moment they saw them.
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Troll Topic...
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No major game release can allow you to kill children, or it becomes "the child-murder game" in the press. Knowing game designers, I'm sure they'd like nothing more than to allow you to kill tykes, but the corporate types won't let them. For very understandable, primarily economic reasons.

Nonetheless, I still have a little bone to pick with Ubi for using children as the requisite annoying beggars in ACIII. It's kind of a dick move to make the beggars in this game unkillable. They should have made them killable adults, as in previous games.

(For the record, I see nothing morally problematic about killing a representation of a child in a video game...or doing anything else in a video game. Because it's a video game. It is not real life.)
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i used the trap bomb, killing myself in the process but it was so worth it hearing them cry
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throw money
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Different thought, but on topic. I believe they found leftover code for children, dogs, and cats in grand theft auto iii. they decided to take the kids out and i believe peta had a hand in the removal of the dogs and cats.
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falafalafocus posted...
The subject line of this topic alone should result in a visit by the FBI, I think.

XD not sure if serious