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4 years ago#41

And for the guy that said 'perfect'..........really??!!??!!
4 years ago#42
4 years ago#43
PSN: Rectal_Fungi
The fungus is among us
4 years ago#44
People who try to copy my skill: 1
Level 1 Trolls killed: 23
4 years ago#45
Could be worse, they could have been American givers and you would have been smothered in small pox. -fakenamefignuts on Indian-Giving.
Steam ID: electroflame
4 years ago#46
Psn angeal0013. Now playing borderlands 2
4 years ago#47
Playing now: Final Fantasy XIII
Not a bad game, really.
4 years ago#48
lamMelvin posted...

I admit it. I fell out of my chair laughing
Square Enix, create a sequel to TWEWY. You have 3 years. Fail and face erasure. - The Fanbase
4 years ago#49
PSN: brandaman69
Platinum in Blazblue:CT, Tekken 6, MvC3, UMvC3, SSFIV, SFxTK. That mean I am better than you in those games.
4 years ago#50
Have a nice day.
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