Is the PS3 version buggier than the 360 version?

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If you remember all the hubbub around Skyrim for the PS3 that's was everyone was saying.

I remember the 'hubbub'. I also remember that Bethesda is the only one making those claims and having those problems. And you seemed very fixated on finding reasons why the PS3 might be at fault for the programming issues.

Asking if the PS3 version is more buggy is a fair question, no need to get so defensive. I own and love both systems (inb4 XBox fanboy durrr) but I have had issues with more than one game in the past performing worse on the PS3. Just sayin.
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I think the ps3 version has slightly more slowdown than 360 though. But only like a 4 fps difference.

That you know that is remarkable. How do you even find that out? Your eye certainly can't tell..or can it?

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