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4 years ago#1
Hey i was playing last night this being about 12 hours ago and i got kicked out couldn't log into any games and when i restarted the multiplayer i was back to level 1 and i had to do training again? Anyone know what the F*ck happened. Happened to the friends i was playing with too
4 years ago#2
anyone bump?
4 years ago#3
As you've said, it seems to have happened to random people. Not sure why it happened or how. Ubisoft has a fair amount to answer for with this, though I'm not sure if they will.

No game is perfect, and I bought this despite the warnings. At first, they seemed harmless, then glitches got me killed 2-3 times, now that I'm near the end of the game I really can't help but think that they should have tested it a lot more before releasing it.

Even if they'd have just played through the game once without free roaming, they'd have discovered a lot of glitches and could have fixed them.

Edit: also might wanna wait more than 4 minutes for an answer, lol..
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