If I buy this at Walmart compared to be games do I miss anything?

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I wanted to get the game at walmart for AC2. (I already have it but I was going to give it to my nephew for Xmas). Does the walmart AC3 have a walmart label printed on the game cover?

Every retailer has a "exclusive missions" label printed on the cover. Not only that, but each retailer has their own "edition" of the game (e.g. target edition, walmart edition, gamestop edition, etc.) except for maybe Amazon, Newegg, or other online retailers.

I know every copy has the big red sticker but some stores will advertise their edition with a custom label on the cover. I bought my copy at Futureshop this year and it didn't have any store label. It just says "Special Edition" and "Exclusive Content" along the banner which I prefer. I hate store exclusive images permanently printed on my game covers. My AC:R copy from Best Buy has a Best Buy exclusive image printed on the cover. I'm just wondering if Walmart has a custom store label printed on the cover of the regular edition. (I know the limited edition has the store name printed on the box.)

It's very likely that they do. I know they do for RE6, and that came out just recently. I suspect they'll be doing this for all the games that come out.
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