If you were in Connor's position, would you have.... SPOILERS

#1Legendary_MusasPosted 11/22/2012 6:30:44 PM
Joined Haytham and in turn the Templars?

I think I probably would, Haytham did make a lot of sense but at the same time he was a bit cold and ruthless. Maybe Connor could have softened him if he wasn't so stubborn :(
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#2MorbiosoPosted 11/22/2012 6:49:55 PM
That's the difference between wishing you could meet your real Dad, and actually meeting him.

Good luck finding your dad !
#3bobbyrkPosted 11/22/2012 7:04:49 PM
With Connor's idealism, it's pretty easy to understand why he made the choice he did.

But if I was presented with a choice like that... tough one. If I were put through the same events Connor was, I'd like to think I'd resist, but in the end... Haytham is an incredibly dickish person. He's just polite about it.
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