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4 years ago#1
How exactly do you guys win? I usually only win where most people walk to their targets which allows me to sneak kill them and get more point, but with runners and smoke bomb spammer I find it IMPOSSIBLE. The walk and kill tactics just will not work, I have to run for them and even then il just get killed by my persuer. Abilitys don't help at all as well. Then again it's quite difficult to make it fair for all players when some get access to OP abilitys while others don't.
4 years ago#2
I only see three threads of yours on the front page about smoke bomb hate. I think you need more threads. Seriously, post some more threads. Please. Please post more threads, because I'm not quite sure whether you're having a problem defeating people that use smoke bombs or whether you like the idea of smoke bombs. So more threads I think is the answer.

tl;dr: please cry moar
4 years ago#3
And who's gonna force me to make different threads? You? Don't make me laugh
4 years ago#4
No one had to force you to make different threads, you did it all on your own. Might want to get your sarcasm-detector looked at.
4 years ago#5
Depends on the mode. For DM I usually save my smoke for my pursuers while observing my target. When he goes for his kill thats when he gets tunnel vision and only focuses on the kill. I then move in for an incognito kill that I built up while waiting for my pursuer. As for the other modes you dont really need stealth, about to play Wanted now but its the same deal really.
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