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cut and paste, please.

His name is NOT Connor... that is an alias he used because the foreigners could not pronounce his real name.

"Connor Kenway" is only a name "in theory".

Ratohnhake:ton was a Mohawk, and as such, his lineage traces through his mother. His mother's last name was not "Kenway"--- the foreigner she had him with had the last name "Kenway"---- but seeing as how his is a mohawk, that doesn't mean anything.


Do people not use his real name because they are lazy are they have a bias against his real name?
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Few people are going to call him that, so I hope you don't expect that this thread was going to change much, if anything.
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uh. no. it's not an alias he used because foreigners cant say his real name, its an alias he used because Achilles gave him that alias to use, and Achilles gave him that name not because people can't pronounce it, it was given because Achilles wanted Connor to mask his native american heritage (even commenting that Connor was fair enough to pass as hispanic).
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Rangadangado is a pretty cool guy, I heard. Too bad everyone hates him, meh whatever.
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THE_JOKE_KING33 posted...
Rangadangado is a pretty cool guy, I heard. Too bad everyone hates him, meh whatever.

I think Assassin's Creed III is a pretty cool guy. eh what would you have him do and doesn't afraid of anything.
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TC is a wussy
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That is a pretty stupid thing to say. Here is your logic in reverse.

Connor is British and in Britain your lineage ia traced through your father, making his last name Kenway.

He is mixed race, it is up to him to decide, and since none of us are Native Americans, I will go with his English name.
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What's most hilarious in this topic is that TC spelt Ratonhnhaké:ton's - or Connor's- name wrong.
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THE_JOKE_KING33 posted...
Rangadangado is a pretty cool guy, I heard. Too bad everyone hates him, meh whatever.

Too bad though. Rangahangado gets hated by damn near everyone but the folks on the Homestead. T_T
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Lit- Actually wrong. By British cutsom, he would be an illegitimate child, and thus not allowed to lay claim to lineage of his father---and British law would rule that the only lineage he has a right to would be is mother's lineage-- which is Mohawk, which is traced through the mother.

British and Mohawk law both say he traces through the mother, which is Mohawk.

He is Mohawk by both customs.