Sounds of Doom in the Animus Core

#1LiquidAntagonisPosted 12/25/2012 6:51:58 PM
So I was just in a match against a group of randoms. We were playing AA (of course). I grabbed the flag and I was making my way back to our base when I started to hear these strange sounds. No, no, they weren't the whispers you'd expect from your pursuers. No, it sounded as if the entire in-game world were about to be ripped apart by its very fabric. It's hard to describe, but I guess I'd say it sounded like destruction. I heard metallic clanking, as if swords or knives were clashing, and I heard this muffled, distant explosion - almost as if a bomb were set off inside of a very narrow space, like a well or some other shaft like area.

This didn't persuade me from playing the game, though, so I continued on along the roof tops towards my goal. I daringly jumped off the nearest building and into the base for a score that put us ahead of the opposing team, and when I decided to go back for another, my screen froze and I simply heard the waiting screen background music.

Anyone else ever experience such strange occurrences?
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Bleeding effect perhaps?
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The Templar Agent you were playing as spent too much time in the animus, as a result, his memories started to meld together (explaining you hearing the clashing of swords and the explosion but not physically seeing them) eventually the scientists ordered security to pull you out of the animus prematurely, damaging your psyche and permanently digitizing it while your body is now lifeless.
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