"Connor" is not half-british and half-mohawk

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Is this the same chump that demanded we stop calling him Connor?
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oh my god! Thanks for clearing this up, man. I cant believe they were messing with us about Connor's race/nationality! This is so upsetting. I have no idea what they tried to achieve by lying to us like this....
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OMG who.the.hell cares!?
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MikmaqSolider posted...
Ubisoft needs to check their wording..

British is a Nationality.. not a race.

You can't be "half-british"...

And, considering "Connor" is, by British law, an illegitimate son of Haytham, he can't inherit the Nationality (or name or property) anyway...

So "Connor" is, really, a FULL-MOHAWK (another nationality, not a race).

He is "Half-European and Half-Native American" by DNA/blood/race...

But considering he grew up in the matrilineal traditions of the Mohawk, I would honestly say that UBISOFT should really have just billed him as a Mohawk, flat out.

What kind of sad-act gets so touchy about something like this? Must have way too much on your hands...
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...Who cares exactly....
he's still all Beaver...
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Back in the days of the revolution any one and their child from england was refered to as british, even though he was a native he has that classification

Learn your facts stupid TC
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You also have to look at the fact that the different caucasians COULD be classified into races, albeit loosely, due to different features. Scots/Irish have red hair, French typically have more pointed features, Polish have button noses and rounder faces. Obviously not as stark of a contrast as black and white people, but still.