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3 years ago#1
Come get your points.
3 years ago#2
Are you implying that your bad at the games muliplayer?
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3 years ago#3
No story this time?

The problem with restraining speech is, who gets to set the rules? If it's only okay in a certain time or place, who gets to say what time and what place?
3 years ago#4
I'm honored you remembered me.

... honestly.
3 years ago#5
Here's a new story.

I spent 12 years fighting to keep you people out of my home and yet you walk in through my locked door as if you owned the place. You cheated and stole from me so blatantly and relentlessly that I tried to commit suicide.

And when I tried... you cheated some more and prevented me....

now that I'm feeling better and doing better and fighting in a new harder stronger, grittier way (a way in which nobody ever should be forced to live) ....you're still cheating.

Kill me already... if not, then stop cheating and admit I killed you.
3 years ago#6
you all play like the baltimore ravens... just a bunch of ref bribing puzzies
3 years ago#7
black_willow00 posted...
you all play like the baltimore ravens... just a bunch of ref bribing puzzies

1) It wasn't a blowout because of the power outage.

2) Come back to me when that knee hit on Flacco gets properly called and then I'll agree with you.
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