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3 years ago#1
posting this on the 360 board as well, just wondering if there were any system specific glitches or hacks or lag issues with the multiplayer, or if there is anyone who has played both it would be nice to hear your opinion.
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3 years ago#2
According to people on ubisoft's forums (just go there and read topics for yourself), there seems to be a problem with getting thrown into limited mode after every session that may be prevalent on the PS3 side. This problem happens on 360 as well, but there are more complaints from people on the PS3 side so at this point I'm not really sure how glaring this issue is for the average 360 user.

Perhaps it's just as bad on 360 but not as many people care enough to complain about it?

Whatever the case, this limited mode issue seems to be fairly recent and might be the only issue to effect only one platform more than another. Everything else - infinite abilities, infinite loss streak, and whatever else - has something to do with the game's coding itself and therefore effects every platform.

The general state of multiplayer (I know you didn't ask but I feel compelled to tell you) is dire. The matchmaking is horrendous and, coupled with the frequency of being sent back to Limited Mode after every match, is becoming so problematic that it's very difficult to find a session. Even if you do find a game, and if you're grouped with friends, it's very likely that you will be split from your group.

If you're fine with playing against your group and manage to get a game, then it's highly likely that you'll become incredibly frustrated with the behavior of other people so much that you'll likely be discouraged from ever trying to play again.

Minor Hack loss streak exploit is the name of the game. It's useful in all manner of modes, from Artifact Assault to Assassinate. if that isn't being exploited, any number of the other loss streaks can and will be - infinite vision, for instance, allows you an impenetrable defense because it reveals targets in your vicinity akin to the Templar Vision ability from previous games. Vision is supposed to only work until your next kill - unless you exploit it so that it's permanently on.

Aside from the exploits, people are incredibly hostile and the game itself is no longer about using cunning to outsmart your opponents but rather about how quickly your abilities return. Abilities are unbalanced and overpowered and render opponents immobile and useless. Full force offense wins more often than cunning. Look forward to being stunned multiple times before you even enter the game.

If you're talking only kills, then the variety system in this game seemingly rewards reckless behavior while punishing stealth. Why get an basic + incognito + focus + hidden for around 600 points when you can get the same amount of points for basic + reckless + ambush + any number of the other variety bonuses?

Anyway that's just my take on things.
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3 years ago#3
I was just about to post nvm and close this topic actually lol. yeah I spent the last hour or so reading the ubi forums and checking a few youtube videos, and now seeing your post... I think I'll pass at this point. I'll keep an eye on the game for a bit hoping for the miracle fix all patch though, as unlikely as it is.
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3 years ago#4
Also, thanks for taking the time to type all that out, I appreciate it :)
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3 years ago#5
The MP games themselves are just awesome! If you've played ACB and ACR, it doesn't have quite that much allure. But it's close since it follows the same concept.

In response to the above post (which was excellent btw), limited mode disconnections are the biggest problem. It's something that you simply can't work around. Sever issues have been worse over the past 5-7 days on PS3.

The opinion that abilities are overpowered is a fair one. At the same time, you can learn to use anticipation to counter abilities. While many abilities have flaws that we could God forbid use some simple logic to improve (as the above poster is rightfully eluding to), everyone has access to them. I don't believe that abilities are a major issue that unfairly favor one player over another. Part of being a good player is to not boil over when someone is offensive smoking or gun toting in a game that is supposed to be a stealth mode.

The loss streak glitch is simply awful. But in my experience, there are few that abuse it. It's very possible that I've been extremely lucky. I'd say I run into an obvious loss streak abuser maybe once every 50 matches.
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