Need help with Homestead Missions. (spoilers)

#1bloodshuttPosted 7/29/2013 4:23:27 AM
The homestead missions don't pop up on the map and I can't find ANY! I've circled the entire New York because I want to find Ellen so I can craft dual holsters, but I can't find her location on the map or in game! I even did all the liberation missions, deliveries and took down the two British controlled forts. I already finished the game and all of the captain Kidd missions, but I can't find ONE SINGLE homestead mission! I even syched with all the viewpoints! I know what the icon looks like and I have the legend in case some piano falls over my head and amnesia hits me. Please, someone help me with this. Is it a bug? Because I don't have internet for my Xbox so I can patch it.
Hi-fi? As in, high in fiber?
#2yorostPosted 7/29/2013 8:54:24 AM
Ah, do you mean you can't find any more or you haven't even done one homestead mission? You can do all of the post game, but there is a loose order to doing them and I think some can only be done in particular seasons. Just open a faq and be meticulous about doing the missions in order. Make sure you've done all the seq 5 ones, then make sure you've done all the seq 6 ones...