Does this game ever get interesting?

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3 years ago#1
I really enjoyed the early stuff with That Guy, but before long the game just got... boring. You spend so much time slowly following people around while they spout exposition; it's a bit ridiculous.

Got to Sequence 9 and shelved the game for now, tired of all the walking around and the lame "tell us to attack" war minigames. Does it ever start getting really interesting again?

And by interesting, I mean more in-line with what AC represents to me... running around assassinating bad guys and battling their guards in true swashbuckling style. - The greatest retro gaming blog on the internet.
3 years ago#2
It gets better. Hang on.

I had the same problem what you mentioned in the second part of your post. It just felt like a game about the American revolution with the assassins added as an afterthought.
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3 years ago#3
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3 years ago#4
I'm at the same point. Just completed sequence 8 and am not liking the storyline missions one bit. The last ones I did were especially crappy if you ask me (locating/chasing the one guy, the prison, and the execution).

I've spent tons more time on the random tasks - hunting, taking over forts, trading, collection, and homestead/liberation missions - and just plain exploring than on advancing the story. This weekend I want to just plow through the story so I can get it over with. Then I can go back to having more fun.
3 years ago#5
i havent finished the game yet just started with the fully grown character, but so far the only fun part was sailing the pirate ship and blasting other boats.
the main mission was boring as hell, playing his dad was awful. playing as a child that hunches like a hunchback was uncomfortable.
you cant kill random people unlike AC1 which sucks, redcoats suspect you too easly the whole blending in the crowd is gone.
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