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acinitiates problem (Archived)cyber2158112/21/2014
sequence replay (Archived)jds11158042/21/2014
Season Pass (maybe) now $15 dollars? Is it worth it? (Archived)Peacemaker V192/20/2014
Head in the Cloud (Archived)Bender249742/20/2014
chsing lee (full sync) help for those that need it.....spoilers (Archived)LeadPipeCinche22/12/2014
Wow, Connor is pathetic compared to Ezio (Archived)
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w0 0t132/10/2014
am i playing this game wrong >_>? (Archived)slemeipss72/10/2014
How much of this game takes place in the "modern" stage? (Archived)
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The "opening" is way to long. (Spoilers I guess) (Archived)SheenaTheWomanizer51/25/2014
liberation contract - Central Boston? (Archived)LeadPipeCinche31/24/2014
Multiplayer still played? (Archived)Patriarch10541/24/2014
Frustrated with Ubisoft servers (Archived)pk115441/19/2014
Has the NW Underground glitch been fixed already? (Archived)Albert128521/15/2014
Water? Milk? Beeswax? ... Catnip? What does stealing these items do? (Archived)OzymandiasIV31/13/2014
the "7" Forts question (Archived)LeadPipeCinche21/13/2014
Does any body have an extra u play passport (Archived)bayleebgb171/7/2014
Conbat in this game is by far the worst in the series (Archived)
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battle of Chesapeake help (Archived)cooltwou41/6/2014
Completionist Trophy bugged? (Archived)pure mind games31/6/2014
I don't understand what is happen with a mission (Archived)cooltwou91/6/2014
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