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4 years ago#1
Could we get as many as have been found so far here please, thank you! :)
4 years ago#2
TheDon95 posted...
Could we get as many as have been found so far here please, thank you! :)

Their is a Day one patch that fixes many glitches/ bugs that can force you to restart a mission because it makes your character stuck.
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4 years ago#3
Great, thanks! Any others?

There's something here about a certain weapon glitch, the pistols in particular.

Anyone wanna explain that for us 'waiters'?
4 years ago#4
Buy the dual gun upgrade, have it disappear for no reason.

Weapons you unlock and buy don't show up in the armory.

Kill guards only to have their buddies stay there and watch. (killed about 6 dudes that way)

Static gameplay items (cannonball) stuck in cutscenes.

Sword disappearing from inventory and not showing up in armory.


I can go on. This game is a mess.
4 years ago#5
The pistol glitch only comes into play when you craft an item that allows you to hold 2 pistols. You also receive a gun at one point in the game which starts a glitch which shows up as 'Weapon Acquired: 1' whenever you change city, start a mission, fast travel, etc.

What this glitch also does other than contanstly message you about the acquired weapon, is that it replaces one of your pistols with the gun. Later in the game when you start crafting double barrel pistols, you have the ability to fire 4 shots in quick succession with the double holster upgrade, unfortunately you never get to use it as the second a mission starts, you will have 1 x double barrel gun and 1 x single barrel gun
4 years ago#6
Convoys that get stuck as "attacked" when the timer expires and you did not defend it. Making it impossible to use the slot. Crafting another convoy states : "inventory full". Pretty annoying.
4 years ago#7
Damn, that all sounds really annoying, is there any way to prevent any of this? And did the 'Day-One' update not fix any of that, or did those glitches somehow slip through?
4 years ago#8
Convoy bug definitely not fixed on my end. Maybe it's not retroactive, but that would need to be confirmed by someone who started a new game after the patch.
4 years ago#9
Oh and floating items, and a backward-rinding convoy (but this one's a feature, not a bug ^^' please don't fix it.)
4 years ago#10
I got the game after the patch.

All that stuff is still there.

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