Where are elk in the homestead

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It's the last animal I need for that spot to complete the hunting map and I cannot find one for the life of me. It looks like more of the map will show up later so do I have to wait. I am on sequence 6
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I will explain as best I can....
Easiest is directly west of warrens encampment just below the top left peg leg trinket.

Another way if that was confusing is, in the gap between the boat and manor their is a bay, imagine a line going through the bay from north to south, follow that line north and boom. Hope it's not too confusing
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im going to go try it right now..thanks for the help man..really didnt expect an answer :)
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Elk was the last animal I needed too, but I found some in the NORTHWEST area (more specifically, the last one I found was about 150-200m directly NORTH from Norris's camp). Try to stay in areas with a lot of trees. It still took me a while (I notice animals spawn less in the Homestead than in the Frontier), and I didn't think I was in the right area, but the biggest thing is patience.

What I did was try to find it as I was running back and forth recording entries for Encyclopedia of the Common Man, so I didn't notice the grind as much. It's the right area. If you spend more than a few minutes without finding them, leave and come back. I even tried throwing bait down (but I didn't notice that working too well). Anyway, hope this helped.