General Stores Locations?

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Is there anyway to get a complete list of all the general stores you can sell your stuff at? Or is there a way to find them in-game? If anyone knows a list of the stores with locations, that would be much appreciated!
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PLEASE for the love of Darwin, I can't find the NY store X_X
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Final bump :(
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i lied, one more
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On the map stores are located by a pound sign
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Yeah ONCE you have discovered them. I have all the view points in NY and I still don't see a store! Jeeeeez
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RockVanDam posted...
On the map stores are located by a pound sign

Rock if you have the store please describe where it is on the map
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Store locations:

Hancock's Store No. 5 - East side of the map, near the middle are 2 Harbormasters and a fast travel point all close together, a very short run due west will bring you to the store.

Elizabeth Murray's Fineries - North-most fast travel point in Boston, north center of the map. A very short run due north of the travel point is the store.

Murdoch's Barter - Concord (center of map) - north west side of town

New York to follow soon...
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New York:
Rhinelander's Sugars - Very southern end of New York, there are two fast travel points. Just south of the center one you will find the store.

There are two other stores, but neither are conveniently near a fast travel point and will be very hard to accurately describe. One is west and slightly north of the dead center of New York. The other is one block back from the water on the east coast. About 2 blocks south of where the buildings end and the farmland begins. Sorry, best I can do.

There are also roaming peddler wagons. I've seen one in the Frontier and one in Boston, but they only sell consumables (bullets, arrows etc).