This is absolutely pathetic.

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3 years ago#31
Grenpa posted...
Novotine posted...
calm down kid

What a completely irrelevant and idiotic comment, I think you're the kid here chief.

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3 years ago#32
I'm never buying a Ubisoft game again, I buy a product and I can't access half the game because they're too stupid to figure out their poorly run servers, I don't get to play on my weekend up? Plus the single player as a glitch-filled sack of garbage that lacked in every way from past installments. Absolute crap.

yeh seriously it was cool, the way gamestop gave me the extra level for just walking in and buying the game. however i never got my sharktooth sword so mow i cant bleed redshirts with my toothsabre and its too eazy to just hold b and press x to kill massive mobs for massive damage. the aiming sucks, and alot of brits shoot me thru the walls like in x-com and the aiming system is ****ed.. i have had a brit even glltch thru a table and kill me during the 5th seqmeuce and its just not tbe same fun and fluidity that assassins 1 & 2 had.
3 years ago#33
glad i only play AC for the SP :)
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3 years ago#34
People actually defending a company that releases a broken as hell game? The fanboism is strong in these ones.
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3 years ago#35
Geeze, the guys expects the game her purchased to work as intended.... Comes onto voice his opinion about it and gets completely bashed. He is well within his rights to be angry about the product not working. The more alarming thing here is the fact that the gaming Industry has gained enough leverage to work itself into a position where it can release a portion of its product in a complete unsatisfactory condition, and its now just accepted as the norm. Sucks really.
3 years ago#36
Relax, Captain Kidd
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3 years ago#37
i still haven't found a glitch yet in the single player and i dont play MP
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3 years ago#38
From: Grenpa | #018
God, I remember why I stopped using gameFAQS, post something that goes against the fanboys moronic standards and "LOL CALM DOWN BRO". Keep eating the garbage you're fed lol, I'll buy games that actually work from now on lol.

Wow. Posting one 'lol' was bad enough. But you posted TWO 'lol's'? Lost any credibility you might of had.
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3 years ago#39

this is on ubisoft official

connect to game before it checks for password disconnect your internet cord
go into limited mode
sign in
quit crying

dont believe me check the thread on ubi with all the people saying it worked
3 years ago#40
People actually bought this for the multiplayer? Why?
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  3. This is absolutely pathetic.

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