Where are the trading posts in the frontier?

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The 5 locations are as followed. 1. Lexington, 2. Concord, 3. Monmouth, 4 and 5. Peddlers in a horse carrige that u see traveling around the frontier. Those 2 can be anywhere so u will have to look for them.
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Here is how you can find the trading posts.

First check your map and look for where the towns are on the maps. If you are looking on the hunting map there is a town in Lexington, Concord, and Monmouth.

The General Store in Lexington is near the tavern (about the center of the Lexington territory)

The Concord one is in the North Western part of the territory, right about where it meets Diamond Basin, and Valley Forge.

The Final General store is north of the fast travel harbormaster, just follow the road, also near the river.

Hope this helps
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I found this video, it's pretty bad quality but you can just make out where the shops are:

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Sorry for the crappy picture but here's one of them it took me a while to find it so I thought this might help

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i only found one so far a little north of the Harbor master in Frontier its West of a River theres a town its same as the shops in boston and new york but thats the only one i found
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Im doing this right now and there's one by the southern most harbor master and one in Concord. If I find all of them ill post a pic. Sadly they don't show up on the map, you have to physically find the building by walking up to it and entering. Look around places on your map with "towns" (buildings?). That's where I found the Concord one. Will keep you posted but this seems like another annoying launch glitch
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here you go this site had very useful maps


if you look the frontier is meant to have 4 fast traval spots the top one being your original village

the other 3 are right near the 3 general stores, only problem is that the only fast travel location near the general stores on my map gives me is the bottom left even though i have found the other 2 stores
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I spent so much time looking for these trading posts and it never occurred to me that they were referring to the general stores =/
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