the ending was not bad. why? *spoilers....duh*

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SerPounceALot posted...
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the world is saved by the global northern lights effect (wtf?) and thats the ending. seems fine to me. theres TONS of room for the series to continue.

The series can continue if they want, but I wanted some actual closure. In the end, Assassins vs Templars meant NOTHING. All was about Juno and her evil stuff.

that was the point. nothing is ever what it seems. do they really have to explain everything for you guys or can you take the smallest amount of initiative and connect a few dots.
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I have a feeling that Desmond isn't actually dead. Minerva will somehow revive him, and the final game will be the next one in the modern era.

Heck I'd love that.
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No, it was bad. One of the strengths of the game was that it could suspend my disbelief. Now when the world doesn't end in December and a demigod doesn't enslave us all, I won't be able to suspend it anymore in the series.

Unless, of course, that happens.

(It won't)

(Or will it?)
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The next AC will come and theyll do their little recap and reveal that the ending to AC3 was just another "this is a possible future" scenario and itll start off with everyone in the room with juno and minerva and desmond has yet to make a choice.
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From: DISTURBED157 | #041
that was the point. nothing is ever what it seems. do they really have to explain everything for you guys or can you take the smallest amount of initiative and connect a few dots.

Please enlighten me since you seem to understand everything about this ending.
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I have a feeling that the next title will interplay moments of the character in and out of the animus.

I do think that in retrospect, Juno represents a symbol of what the Templars are, while the alternative that was presented was the Assassins. I'm not quite sure how this will play out with the Templars but I do know that they will have some ties to her.

As far as the main character goes, I think it will likely play out over of the span of many ancestors rather than one per game. The overall goal being to find the devices of warfare and technology left behind by the First Civ. More than likely, Juno looks to control (or even eliminate) the human world and start HER race anew.

While out of the animus, the player will try to find ways to disable to First Civ constructs so they may not be used. This may open up for an Assassins guild recruitment option like in this title and the last. While I don't approve of free-roaming in the modern day (or at least make the area to navigate limited), it would make for good cohesion between the Assassins given the technological and communication advances made. It could be a world wide thing. Who knows? Maybe you share plans of the Animus with other Assassins and have it bolster your ranks?

Ubi will likely leave the ending up to speculation. And I don't think we will hear anything of a new installment till the new consoles make headwind and they release a side game (which they will, you can be sure) involving Connor and the French Revolution.
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assassin2568 posted...
juno told connor that he made an influence on the world, and that hed do so again. this means either desmond isnt dead, will gets in the animus, or desmond has at least one sibling.

Or it means that "Connor's" future influence (the "again") specifically meant the actions of his future descendent. She set him up to create the situation so that Desmond would be able to influence the world later on.

I have to say, I find it rather depressing for Connor that after all he fought for, and having lost so much, he was ultimately being mislead and used by Juno to essentially hide a house key under a door mat for someone else to find, all to her benefit.
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