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Why all the hate for Connor? He's the best assassin thus far.

#1aflawedpeacePosted 11/4/2012 6:09:57 PM
#2deadpool223Posted 11/4/2012 6:11:28 PM
he really is.
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#3AsbesdosMothPosted 11/4/2012 6:12:35 PM
Because people are idiots and fear change like a cashier with dyscalculia.
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#4zeroboboPosted 11/4/2012 6:13:19 PM
because he's the most believable and flawed of the assassins.

people like ezio because he's a charming ladies man who's extremely self confidant and has the skills to back it up. I.E the kind of guy everyone wants to be. its a power fantasy thing, its why that generic non-character archtype is so widely liked and used in fiction.

so when you compare a flawed yet believable character, to the ideal fantasy man then he's going to come up lacking for alot of people.
#5aflawedpeace(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2012 6:14:05 PM
He may not be as charismatic as Ezio, but he kick ass in every other category.
#6Apex1619Posted 11/4/2012 6:14:39 PM
I love Connor but I think Ezio is better. Altsir is a horrible character but a good assassin. He is the worst by far
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#7jmitnickPosted 11/4/2012 6:15:09 PM
I think his kill animations and weapons are cool (yay tomahawk), but story wise as a character he's pretty boring, at least compared to ezio. He's more interesting than Altair.
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#8AsbesdosMothPosted 11/4/2012 6:16:21 PM
Also, what zerobobo said. He's a character you need to actually think about in order to understand.
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#9Perfect LightPosted 11/4/2012 6:17:40 PM
Because he's not a carbon copy of Ezio.
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#10Gnarly_BPosted 11/4/2012 6:17:50 PM
Haytham > Ezio >>>>>>>>> Connor > Altaiir

Ezio was far more interesting imo, the only reason I like Connor is because he has all the extra gadgets. He's an annoying character imo, all the other assassins were focused solely on the order, Connor keeps whining about his village all the damn time.

Haytham is by far my favourite character to play as. More interesting and better accent.
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