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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#1
Who is your favorite assassin? - Results (202 votes)
18.81% (38 votes)
58.91% (119 votes)
22.28% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This should make things easier.
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User Info: AForgottenHero

4 years ago#2

But my favorite character would be Haytham.
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User Info: Murphiroth

4 years ago#3
Ezio. Favorite character in general as well.

I like Connor, too, which seems to be a minority opinion. I even like Desmond and everyone else seems to hate him.
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User Info: italics560

4 years ago#4
I like Desmond. He seems to be the most human character out of all of them. And I gained so much respect for him when he rescued his dad and killed literally everybody.

A Desmond game would've been sweet.
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User Info: ZechsPeacecraft

4 years ago#5
Ezio too.

But looking at other threads, most seem to hate on him. I don't get it, what's wrong with Ezio? Honestly I thought he was one of the better characters in video game history.

I can understand not liking Connor, the immature impatient brat who needs Daddy's attention.

I can even understand not liking Altair, the arrogant brute who's cares more about the mission than he does anything else.

But Ezio? That guy (while it took a little while to get too) was the man
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User Info: TeXaS_PiE

4 years ago#6
Ezio. I really enjoyed seeing his development through AC2.
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User Info: italics560

4 years ago#9
I like Altair because he was the most assassin assassin there was. He was a no bull**** hardcore mother****** who lived for the mission. No personal crap, just taking care of business.

Give him some new moves, a few new weapons, and we would be good.
"WE ARE THE SONS OF TROY WE WILL NEVER KNEEL, Orlando what the **** man".
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