Assassins Creed or Red Dead Redemption - Which has better hunting?

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... But at least in AC3 you can skip the skinning animations..


If you stop your horse on top of the animal, it skips the animation.

Its probably about as fast as ACIII even with being able to skip the animation. You just stop your horse on top of the animal, press triangle to get off, press triangle to skin the animal, and since the animation is skipped you can press triangle a third time and be back on the horse. Like, 2 seconds, max, and you're back on the horse. If you're good, you literally just stop on every animal, press triangle three times and go onto the next one. it might even take longer in ACIII because it has that annoying ass bright white light that takes up the whole screen for a second.

That aside, RDR not only has better hunting, but its just the better game overall. But thats cause Rockstar is the s***.
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