this game is bad

#11whoisryanmackPosted 11/6/2012 4:25:05 AM
If you're into AC then it's totally worth buying. There are issues, sure, but it's completely possible to focus on the things you like to do and get a lot of satisfaction from it. It's not a bad game by ANY just does a lot of really curious things if you really start to dig into it's mechanics.

But overall, still a solid buy for AC fans and a definite rent at least for newcomers. The core stuff (running, fighting, assassinations) still works great.
#12rush86Posted 11/6/2012 4:31:39 AM
I couldn't disagree wit u any more. This game is so much fun and there is so so much to do. And the games like checkers all have explanations how to play them i dunno wat ur talkin about. And ive only seen a few minor glitches in the 15 hours ive played so far. But this game is huge and pushing the system to the limits. What do u expect it to be perfect.
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I have know the Chess and Checker, but I don't know that game he played in the prison - it look different from what I have know.
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this game is good and heres why

-I like it

It is all subjective.
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Pakkun loves to dig deep in tight,dirty, holes.
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i agree with most of his points,

but that doesn't take the joy out of it