mementos at the manor?

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4 years ago#1
After every frontiersman challenge it says memento at ADB and manor. but i dont see any. anyone know where those are supposed to show up?
4 years ago#2
Second floor, room with all the plates.
4 years ago#3
what do they look like? i'd like to see the one for the headless horseman
4 years ago#4
They're all the plates that start collecting in the cub board. Each engraved with a certain image pertaining to the accomplishment. There isn't a individul momento fo the headless horseman though. But there are ones for completing the challenges,exploring the areas, fortress cleared, etc.
4 years ago#5
weird. cause there are the banners for each of the hunts, so i'd imagine something like it for the frontiersman challenges, especially since it says "memento unlocked in manor" after every sub mission.

perhaps they are supposed to show up but are glitched right now?
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