Without looking it up, what's Connor's real name?

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  3. Without looking it up, what's Connor's real name?
3 years ago#41
sonny545 posted...
JKPSP posted...

I don't know. But holy **** the language has to be the most revolting and horrible to listen to language I have ever heard. I don't even care if that's offensive, it's worse than German.

What's wrong with German?

What's right with it?
Knifegash: If Anya spent just one day with me, you can go ahead and call her Anya Plowed.
3 years ago#42
MoonTaLoo posted...
deadpool223 posted...
wait wait
i rememberd it

That's what I said, Boo.

yep you did
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3 years ago#43
3 years ago#44
"I love finding threads like these, it's like walking outside and finding the city's been bombed while you were sleeping." - Blighboy
3 years ago#45
I love this topic
3 years ago#46
R.I.P. Junk Bludgeo'd For Hammer, But Always In Our Hearts. 176 Damage, Nevar Forget.
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  3. Without looking it up, what's Connor's real name?

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