Full syncing Seq 7 needs to be patched to be easier... BADLY...

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i did this 100% on my first try no restarts, wasnt that bad. make sure hes looking away from you and you wont be detected.
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This thread = TL;DR

Summary; Patience is a virtue. Just wait until they don't look at you, stab the one nearly. Climb up and hide before they looked back.
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My brother (who is actually quite a bit worse than me at video games) got 100% within 20 mins. all you need to do is YouTube the walkthrough video, it's really NOT that hard.
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and on a side note, TC, you really have some anger issues and are beyond stubborn when it comes to listening to what others are saying. If at least 50% (and I'm just spitballing here) of the game community has already full synched this mission, then I fail to believe it IMPOSSIBLE or BROKEN as you so clearly have suggested.
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True Rune posted...
mtjormitch posted...
True Rune posted...
mtjormitch posted...
True Rune posted...
Are you talking about the missions where you have to swim to the two boats, air assassinate a grenadier and blow the boats up while not being detected?

It's really quite easy, swim to the boat on the left. Ledge assassinate the regular guard. then climb to the stern of the boat, kill the other regular guard(with a corner kill) lure the grenadier over to where you corner killed the guard, hide on the other side of the stack of boxes, bam, air assassinate. lure the rest of the guards(by briefly letting them see you) towards the stern of the ship, set them mine, jump off.

The ship on the right is even easier.

DON'T YOU ******* DARE SAY IT IS EASY!!!! DON'T YOU ******* DARE!!!!

It is the worst mission in any video game I have ever played. It is literally impossible to 100%.

I did in the regular guard, killed that one that you said, and any air assassinations = FAILURE... I am sorry, but it is impossible, truly so. Air assassinating is based soley, not on luck, not on skill, but by bullcrap... how DARE you say this... HOW DARE YOU say this is easy because it truly is not and you would have to be high to think this.

while I would love to be high. I'm not. You are doing the air assassination incorrectly, if you are failing it.

Make sure the guard is facing away from the direction you are coming from.

The mission is easy. If you know what to do. Hell, all of them are. It's called practice and experimentation.

Considering I killed everyone except for the two at one end and the grenader... then on the OTHER side of the ship where there would be 0 chance of them seeing me air kill him... SEEN AND FAILRED!!!

This went on for 2 ******* HOURS!!! Do you know that feeling when you feel like the developers basically made it literally impossible to 100% this mission... I have ubisoft very badly now... I wish whoever made the optional objectives would legitimately be fired, and their entire team of objective makers to be fired... it is one of the most unfair things I have ever seen in any video game. Ever play Max Payne 1? That game was completely unfair at the end of the game. If you didn't have sniper ammo you were SCREWED completely at the end of the game. That game is FAIR compared to the A3 seq 7 mission... it is unfair, no other words to describe it. There are no easy ways into it and it is COMPLETELY bullcrap to say that it is when it isn't..

It's not the guards at the bow of the ship seeing you(so there is no need to kill them), it's the Grenadier(as the guards on the Bow can't see you on the Stern)

You are doing it wrong, he has to be looking away.

complain all you want. It's very much possible, you are just doing it wrong.

I wish I had a gameplay to show them how easy it is to beat that mission, seriously just do what True said and you'll beat it believe me it's not impossible. The game is tricky in some ways but it's not impossible to beat all of it. You need to be patient and observant. Everything operates in a pattern. Memorize the pattern and you got it.
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#26invidoverlordPosted 11/7/2012 6:17:15 AM
if this is about what i think it is, poison darts on the boat with the grenadier at the groups of 2, what i did was ledge kill the single guy..jump into the water since sometimes they come to investigate. Then go to the back and stealth kill the other single guard, wait for the grenadier to walk away then walk toward the group of 2 at the front of the ship and dart the one that starts to see you.

then when everyone is back after they look at them i bow the single guy left of that group, rinse and repeat for the other group then just climb up and air assassinate the grenadier and then just blow up the other ship since that one was super easy compared to the one with the grenadier since all you have to do is kill the middle walking guard jump on the ship when the other ones out of sight and blow it and RUN to the water back the way you came since sometimes one sees you and if your fast enough you can 100% it
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#27AuraOfSoulsPosted 11/7/2012 7:00:57 AM
That mission had it's annoying moments but it was easy.

-Swim to ship on left
-Climb front of ship
-"Cliff" assassinate the guard
-Swim or grapple to back of ship
-Hide behind crates
-Corner assassinate the guard
-Climb the mass of the ship
-Head to front of ship
-Poison dart one of the guards and
-Choke out the remaining guard with rope dart
-Air assassinate the grenadier when he comes to investigate
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These games are so easy, I dunno how anyone can think they are remotely hard.

Maybe you are just bad at stealth. I have a friend who couldn't be stealthy to save his own life. In Splinter Cell, I did all the stealth achievements for him because he simply just can't do it.
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billnye69 posted...
These games are so easy, I dunno how anyone can think they are remotely hard.

Maybe you are just bad at stealth. I have a friend who couldn't be stealthy to save his own life. In Splinter Cell, I did all the stealth achievements for him because he simply just can't do it.

I beat MGS3 hardcore mode fully stealthed... I am sorry. But this game is broken. Every damn time I do anything on that ship, SEEN! How about I do this I... SEEN! Well how about... SEEN.

This mission honestly feels broken... completely broken. The only people who seem to be defending it are ones who just got used to the broken mechainics of the game which as insanely dodgey at best.
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I hate to dip my little fly in your ointment, but they are optional objectives. Just don't do them.
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