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4 years ago#1
So I have a baby on the way... my wife just told me if its a boy she wants to name it Altair. What you guys think?
4 years ago#2
Roe v Wade

Back under the bridge with you
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
ya do it
4 years ago#5
I feel weird about it because we have an English last name, but I guess that would be normal for generations to have names start melding together.
4 years ago#6
That would be ridiculous. The name itself not matching the child's ethnicity is bad enough, but being named after a video game character would be pretty embarassing as well.
4 years ago#7
^ what an idiot.

just do it man. altair goes well with most white last names
4 years ago#8
I really try not to consider ethnicity, but thank you for your opinion. As far a naming after a game goes. I really don't see the problem in it. The name has more meaning behind it than that. Look it up.
4 years ago#9
You don't consider ethnicity? Well I hope your kid and his schoolmates are understanding. If you're white, you should also Mustafa and Shaniqua lol
4 years ago#10
With an English last name, Altair would sound weird. It's a unique name, and it will make him stand out in a bad way. Expect him to get picked on regularly. If you're ok with this, then go right ahead.

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