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why not just make it his middle name that would be kinda badass
Matthew Altair Johnson (random names) that sounds pretty nice to me
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I don't think naming your child Altair is a bad idea per se, although you do have to take into consideration that he will inevitably be made fun of for being named after a video game character. Yes, some people do know that it doesn't exist solely in AC, but what do you think others will assume when they see a white English child with the first name Altair? That his parents named him after a character in AC. Nevertheless, if you really like the name (and not just your wife) you should name your son Altair, although if it's only because it's a "cool name from AC l0l" I'd tell you to reconsider.

Anyway, what's your opinion on the matter, TC?
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I would have to say no to this one. As much as I love the idea, it just wouldn't work with a last name. My wife and I named our first son Charles (she is Mexican and Carlos didn't work with my last name, so we changed it to Charles.) We liked Carlos from Gears, but we chose it more because it is a sophisticated name and we liked it, and Carlos was more about personality and all. I would say find something that works with the game, but also your name as well. That is my feeling on it. There are many more names that you could pick that would be WAY worse in my opinion. Like people naming their kids Sharpay (after Sharpie markers) or Luxx (why don't you just add another x to the name and fulfill their destiny as a stripper?)

I can't stand the stupid names you see nowadays.
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As someone who had a funny name growing up, I suggest that you just give your kid a normal, boring name with some significance to you/your family. Remember the following:

-- People whose names are "weird" will almost certainly be made fun of... for years. In the same way. It gets very old, very quickly, but that doesn't stop it from persisting for YEARS down the road. It's annoying at best, embarrassing at worst.
-- People whose names are "normal" will not endure the same sort of name-related teasing.
-- People whose names are "cool" will not receive any social benefit from such. No one will ever think, "Oh it's Altair, the guy with the badass name!".
Names will either be "neutral" or "stupid" to most kids; worthy of ridicule or barely worthy of mention.

Also remember that as an adult, if your kid doesn't like his boring name, he can get it legally changed to Altair (or whatever he wants).
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_Rushdown_ posted...
Is it racist to recognize that there are names that are race-specific in our culture (and others)? Honestly do you think that Shaniqua is an appropriate name for a white girl? Altair would be equally ridiculous.

You just took a ridiculous name that would be ridiculous in any culture, even in its own race. Take an italian name like Geovanna and apply it to any race and it sounds beautiful.

Ridiculous names are just ridiculous. But it's all subjective so if you like it then so be it.
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If you do do it make his middle name "Ibn". I don't know why, but Ibn sounds awesome
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Hey guys, I think TC's already decided on this one two pages ago.

AuraOfSouls posted...
Keith_Dragoon posted...
Here, I dunno why I am doing all this but this should help you decide, lists most pros and cons of the name along with surveys of people who have named their kids Altair or were named by their parents.


In the end it is you and your wife's call and you should never listen to the opinions of people on a message board ESPECIALLY Gfaqs. :P

Holy **** dude... you rock!
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KajexXIV posted...
Not at all, if anything you are for reading too into Rushdown's post and coming to that conclusion yourself. It's a cultural standard to name your children in your own language. English parents aren't going to name their child Od'om'bokele, and Nigerian parents aren't going to name their child Justin.

Yes, because naming one's children anything outside of their own ethnicity should definitely be frowned upon in the year 2012. That's something every new parent should really have in mind at all times! Derp.
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If your dead set on that name, just give him a common middle name. The people who named their kid Dovhakhin made his middle name Tom. He is probably going to use that as his name.
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