What happened between Revelations and AC3? *Series spoilers*

#1RyanJMcDPosted 11/9/2012 6:41:33 PM
It's been some time since I played the last games, I need a refresher.
So Desmond kills Lucy at the end of Brotherhood. Did the game ever answer why?
Also, as best as I can recall Ezio found the tomb of Altair, and the apple.
Revelations ended with Desmond waking up and saying he knows where the apple is. (right?)

So when did he get the apple, and when the hell did he meet up with his father?

(Also, since when does the Animus fit into 3 easy to carry boxes?)
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#2bobbyrkPosted 11/9/2012 6:48:46 PM
Revelations did answer why he killed Lucy, albeit not in the main game, and AC3 does a better job. Lucy was a traitor, converted to work for the Templar.

The Apple was irrelevant. They already had possession of Ezio's Apple at the end of Brotherhood, and Lucy stated in AC1 (and is backed up by emails in that game) that Alta´r's Apple was destroyed in an accident.

What Desmond meant was that he knew what he needed to do, and where.

His father was one of the voices at the end of Brotherhood, and was with them all through Revelations.

The Animus wasn't the whole chair setup. It was the computer connected to the chair.
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