Assassin's Creed 3: Full Weapon & Outfit List

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ghosta2 posted...
Bear pelts sell for the most money and can be found in John's Town and packnack. Beaver pelts also sell for a lot of money and you can easily skin 100/hr. I had 100K before end end of sequence 6. I forgot how much I spent to buy everything but it was over 100k. Most of your money will be spent upgrading the Aquila.

Bears also are NOWHERE as easy to find. Good luck finding 27 bears in 15 minutes lol.
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I'm not really sure if this is an actual slot for a weapon, but it really looks like one. It's on the right side of the heavy weapons rack, the thin side facing the entrance to the room.

Also, has anyone else noticed that the axe used by the grenadiers looks different from all of the other axes? I'm assuming this is the axe that goes in the extra slot I talked about, but when I steal this weapon from the grenadiers with an empty sheathe, I'm able to equip it as my weapon, but it won't show in the armory. This axe also isn't listed in the game's official guide.

Wow. 2 missing swords, 1 missing pistol, and an axe that only our enemies can have?
Hopefully Ubisoft can provide us with an explanation.
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