how do i get more assassins

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4 years ago#1
Hi guys,

I'm in boston and I am wondering how I get more assassins. All I have is Stephane Chapeau and clipper wilkinson. Is there anyways to get more? I have done all the missions I can find but maybe I am missing some. I go to the assassins contract symbols to speak to those guys however no interactive dialogue symbol appears and I can't speak to them. I am in sequence 7 if that helps. Thanks in advance
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4 years ago#2
You do liberation missions to get more members for your brotherhood.
4 years ago#3
Do they appear on the map or do you just stumble upon them? Because it says north boston is disputed but no missions appear on my map.
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4 years ago#4
THey show up on your map, if it's disputed it means that the area is not liberated. I suggest you find viewpoints in the area and synchronize with all of them.
4 years ago#5
I had a missing icon problem with the last assassin contract. The way I solved it was by exploring the streets in that district until you stumble upon the conflict you need to resolve. For me it was freeing a criminal in an alley. I think the icon disappeared when I failed the mission the first time. So yeah, just explore the area.

However, if you haven't even met with the 3rd contact take a look on the map and try to find an icon for him or look for the interactive conversation icons, sometimes that will trigger the mission icon to respawn. Ugh, bugs...
4 years ago#6
See thats the thing there are no viewpoints on my map. I think i got them all. The only thing that appears in liberation contract but nothing is there when I go to it so I'm confused.
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4 years ago#7
I think I have the same problem you mentioned. which part are you trying to liberate? Boston?
4 years ago#8
anyone know of a map online that shows the locations of the mini assassin missions like freeing prisoners or defending stand owners from redcoats?
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4 years ago#9
So I am missing a free a civilian held captive by thugs mission. Anyone know the location of the 3 because I have 2 of them,
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4 years ago#10
The Boston Map under FAQs helps:
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