honestly my only real issue with Connor...... is that he NEVER smiles

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deadpool223 posted...
i remember him smiling but it was more of a "oh christ dude your doing the again? " <spoilers/> when washington says something about sending troops<spoilers>

Noooo it was when Georgie said he would "investigate allegations" against Lee instead of going after him.

oh right that.
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Also he is indeed smiling during The Wedding event. When Norris announces that they're getting married he has a big smile. Then during the wedding itself and the reception he has a look on his face of someone who is quite content and happy. Not a smile per se but he doesn't look all "grrr, eat your face" and seems quite pleased with the events.
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Some people just don't show emotions. I should know: I'm one of them. At least that's what people have been telling me for years. My mother makes a joke of it at least once every time I visit my parents.

As for Connor not showing emotion when he speaks, you have to remember that his speech patterns are kind of in the extreme end of what would be considered proper speech. He doesn't use contractions, and enunciates every word. That can create a very mechanical sounding speech pattern.
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Shah138 posted...

That Altair's like "You're next" with a creepy face.
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From: Williambatson | #011

There's nothing wrong with that. Have you ever seen Batman smile?

Smile? Try laughing.
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Huh what's wrong with never smiling?
I never smile either even in situations where I "should"... it's a mannerism thing.
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Huh what's wrong with never smiling?

The fact that that screams you aren't happy/having a good time?
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Batman smiled in the killing joke, even laughed.
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I think TC is comparing Connor to happy go lucky Ezio, everyone is different i guess.