Oh man why is connor... (spoilers)

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3 years ago#1
working with his dad?

I mean yeah they have the same goal AT THE MOMENT. But they're still sworn enemies. Templar and Assassin. Is connor stupid?

I'm only on session 9 and I'm already guessing that his father is going to back-stab him any moment.
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3 years ago#2
Well yeah they are working towards the same goal. However in Connor's opinion, he's hoping that the conflict between Templar and Assassin can be put to an end, or at least him and his dad can rectify their differences and not be at each others throats. It's part of his naive nature, something that's a little more understandable when compared to the rest of his naivety through out the game (seriously, did he not learn anything about the real world from Achilles?).
3 years ago#3
Because, its his dad.
3 years ago#4
coolest part of the game imo.
3 years ago#5
One of the main themes this game tries to push is that the line between Templar and Assassin is thin. Hell, you were playing as one for a quarter of the game and didn't even know.
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  3. Oh man why is connor... (spoilers)

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