So wtf am I supposed to do now at the end? (spoilers)

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Gruntpunk72 posted...
Oh boy.... I cant wait to see your reaction to the ending..

I know, I wanted an EPIC DOOL.

I also hated the Marix and Mass Effect trilogies' ending. Because I watched Dragonball Z as a child, and it warped everything forever.
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egpNoodlez posted...
We're done with the "Adam" storyline, Desmond's trilogy. Now it's "Eve"'s turn. No idea whether Eve's descendant is male or female, or where in the hell they are, but that's the most likely way they're doing 4, 5 and 6.

...As if you don't think they haven't already made plans for the next trilogy. Ubisoft once said they would make Assassin's Creed games as long as fans want them, it's going to probably get up to ACX before a reboot occurs lol.

I'd be very interested in a female Assassin lead. I think that could change up the franchise a little bit.
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If they do extra games, whether it's an Eve bloodline story or whatever, they need to go to Ancient Greece. Whether it's based around the Peloponnesian Wars, one of the Persian invasions, invasion of Troy, Roman invasions... whatever. It's a massively important place in history that the AC games have so far, to their detriment imo, overlooked.

Ancient Greece
Warring States/Three Kingdoms China
South/Central America for the Aztecs, Mayans or Incas

All unutilised by the franchise, all potentially great settings for AC games.
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They also need to go back and relive the Star Wars era.

When Luke took down the Deathstar and ****? That was pretty important.
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In the sequel with Connor, I'm assuming they're going to use desmond's dad.
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From: mrusty3 | #015
In the sequel with Connor, I'm assuming they're going to use desmond's dad.

his assassin line comes from his mother doesn't it?