Where would you like to see the next AC game take place in?

#1Grand_BluePosted 11/28/2012 7:07:11 PM
I would like to see France during the French Revolution or something in Persia.
#2dillpickle69Posted 11/28/2012 7:13:07 PM
I would like to see China during the Ming dynasty (as Shao Jun, of course)
I hope that it would take place in the First Civilization, so the new series can start as early as possible without having to eventually go backwards in time or be all guns.
I think it will be something no one was expecting, since Ubisoft doesn't really pay attention to our opinions on where future games should take place.
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#3mrusty3Posted 11/28/2012 7:15:07 PM
I'm so tired of seeing this same topic pop up over and over again. no offense though.
The french revolution.
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#4Merc123Posted 11/28/2012 7:48:55 PM
Golden Age of Piracy, would be great to capitalize on the naval battles and expand them.

Victorian England, French Revolution, Civil War or China are others i would like to see.
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#5GutzNRagePosted 11/28/2012 7:57:53 PM
Connor is heading to France with Lafayette.
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#6cjjohnstonPosted 11/28/2012 8:02:19 PM
Connor and Aveline have babies.
#7JummedPosted 11/29/2012 4:16:33 AM
Would make sense to have a spin off title featuring Connor in France during the Revolutionary War of France. I would of liked to see this addressed with DLC, including the war of 1812. The King Washington DLC looks interesting though.
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#8Bloodlines1191Posted 11/29/2012 4:23:18 AM
Feudal Japan plox (even though it'll never happen).

And yes, Shao Jun please. I'd love to see another Connor game. I always found him to be a cuddly person around friends (Homestead missions rubbed off on me). Though at this point with his reception, I kinda doubt that to happen. :(

Also, I would like the next game to have some sort of Modern-Day free-roam rather than be away from crowds or make them linear levels. And emphasize them more like in AC1. At least do somethin' with them more awesome than AC3. The Desmond levels were amazing and holds so much potential. The whole "it draws you out of experience" thing in this game felt...different. it showed a contrast from the past to modern day life.
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#9JohnnySomethingPosted 11/29/2012 5:06:36 AM(edited)
Something that takes place after this one chronologically, setting-wise. From Altair to Ezio to Connor, we've being going forward in time. May as well keep the pattern.

French Revolution seems likely, as the mechanics won't have to change much. The War of 1812, also interesting. I could see both of these being Brotherhood/Revelations style expansions.

Beyond that, maybe the Civil War. I'd love to see what AC does with Lincoln and all those famous Civil War generals.

Uh... The Russian Revolution, perhaps? (I forget the name, sadly). The one in which Lenin (and the Communists) took power around the end of the 1800's/early 1900s.

EDIT: Accidentally typed Stalin instead of Lenin.
#10SmackemsPosted 11/29/2012 5:08:56 AM

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