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3 years ago#1
I've done sequence 9 and talked to Washington, but it won't acknowledge that I completed the conversations. Has this happened to anyone else? And if I go back to replay it, can I just do the conversations without having to replay the whole mission?
3 years ago#2
theres another conversation in sequence 11 or 12, i think. south new york. you wont get credit until you do that one. silly cause it forces you to leave the rest of the frontiersmen challenges until post game.
3 years ago#3
Already did that but thanks. I did some further research on it and it turns out it is really buggy to get. I replayed sequence 9 twice and it still didn't give it to me but for some reason on the 3rd try when I replayed all the convo sequences involving Washington, it worked. I guess its just another lazy glitch that plague this game. A shame really because its a good game that could have been great if Ubi would have spent just a tad bit more time polishing
3 years ago#4
you said you did the GW conversation post sequence 12?
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3 years ago#5
There are three conversations to be had with GW. Two are in sequence 9 at Valley Forge, and one is in post game in south New York. If you did those, then your game is glitched.
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3 years ago#6
4 convos I believe. Two back to back sequence 9. One in 10. Postgame.
3 years ago#7
Yeah, for whatever reason it wouldn't recognize I did the sequence 9 convos on my first playthrough. I tried replaying that mission twice post game and it still didn't work. But then I tried replaying all the parts with a Washington convo and it registered. Go figure. Since I made this post, I've read elsewhere that its pretty glitchy. Sometimes its works, sometimes it doesn't.
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