Favorite sequence? (spoilers most likely)

#1RugterWyper32Posted 12/3/2012 2:18:39 PM
I'd say it's somewhere between Sequence 5, 6 or Sequence 10.
While sequence 5 was still pretty tutorial-esque it had some pretty fun missions and I still remember my reaction when I got out of the general store and the game showed the date "March 5, 1770", that being the first moment I properly recognized. The anticipation of what was gonna happen was great.
Sequence 6 is just so open and overall it has some fantastic missions. The tea party and William Johnson's assassination were pretty damn fun, and I just enjoyed every bit of this sequence.
Sequence 10 has some fun missions (even though there's that one side-objective which annoys the hell outta me), it has some pretty good character interaction and story moments.
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#2btaylorstlPosted 12/3/2012 3:00:57 PM
It's hard to pinpoint one from memory, so I'll just say "whichever one had the most naval combat."
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#3Knux58Posted 12/3/2012 4:59:11 PM
Whichever one you start working with Haytham.
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#4MadcowdzyzePosted 12/3/2012 6:10:16 PM
For a game that I eagerly awaited for so long, it wasn't bad and I did enjoy it but nothing really stands out in memory as something epic or that I really liked more than anything else. I guess the naval battles were pretty cool but as far as an actual whole sequence... dunno.
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