If you could go back in time and assassinate anyone you wanted to, who would you

#1Omega_GilgameshPosted 12/4/2012 12:01:05 AM
For me, I would go Zoroaster. I feel his teachings made it possible for atrocities like the dark ages, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Holocaust to happen.
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zoroaster was pretty damn boring i wouldent go for him. hitlers dad however. take that sucka while hes a baby
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Your mother, so we wouldn't have any more "what if" or "who would win" topics.
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#5HakeemTheDreamPosted 12/4/2012 5:54:23 AM
Killing Zoroaster wouldn't necessarily kill organized monotheistic religion. Sure things would be different, but killing one man would only delay the movement towards monotheism.
#6HakeemTheDreamPosted 12/4/2012 5:56:05 AM
And how exactly would it prevent the Holocaust or the middle ages?
#7Xero_StarrePosted 12/4/2012 6:20:26 AM
Anyone from the present or future who tries to alter the timeline.
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Xero_Starre posted...
Anyone from the present or future who tries to alter the timeline.

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#9LenneValkiryePosted 12/4/2012 6:25:12 AM
Butterfly effect, anyone?
As atrocious as they were, events like the Holocaust are the reason we even exist today in the first place.
I'm fine with the way history is.

Also, as soon as I clicked on this thread I knew this was going to be just another anti-religion thread.
Leave religion alone, seriously.
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^This, I'm surprised we haven't seen Jesus or a Christian prophet yet.

History is fine the way it is. If we prevented WW2 several advances in medicine would not have happened. Yes it is sad that certain people had to suffer throughout history such as Jews, Native Americans, etc but without this we wouldn't be here where we are today.