How many glitches are there?!

#11gobuffalo30Posted 1/24/2013 7:33:58 AM
Yeah I've had similar glitches happen to me.

I had one where I was trying to climb out of the water in the Frontier. The moment I grabbed the ledge I was then pushed under the rocks, started falling for about 10 seconds and then desyncronized. Not the first time I've found myself under objects in the game.

Couldn't interact with posters or printers.

Seen issues with NPCs being stuck in walls and you couldn't hit them though they could hit you and you could see their arms and legs running. Also seen NPCs magically appear, some times in mid air and the moment they move they are back on the ground.

Pressed LB for an assassination, no one showed up yet it showed I used the option. Didn't refill until I left the area.

Had a convoy show as attacked, sent an assassin to help. Still shows convoy as attacked, so it's unavailable for me, but it's not in the frontier and all my assassins are available.