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4 years ago#11
I think it helps to hide behind a wall so they don't see who does it.
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4 years ago#12
I've come to the same conclusion. I don't care for Wipe either. Most of the time, when I'm using Wipe, I mean to prevent the opponent from using Smoke Bomb specifically, so there's little advantage to using it over Animus Shield. I tried it out some, but Shield gets me the kill and usually makes the guy waste his smoke too. Plus every once in a while you can cancel a pistol or poison shot. Doesn't usually prevent knives unless it's Artifact Assault and you hit it way early, but it's fine.

I am going to give Firecrackers another shot in Assassinate though. Someone used them on me today and I lost my lock and couldn't manage to get the lock back or the kill even though I could still see the guy through the white.

It's unfortunate though that Assassinate still has no semblance of stealth most of the time. The "best" players don't even try to be sneaky. The mode's still totally about running around like an idiot and getting turnaround kills, after-kills, etc. Sigh. It used to be so fun for like a couple months right after the mode hit ACB.
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4 years ago#13
I share your sympathies about Assassinate. It's the most fun mode to play imo, but is marred by the numerous amount of sprinterbaiters on the loose. It gets annoying to see them run around while you try to stay in a blend group, and you waste time waiting out for them to get killed or go somewhere else because you know they'll get that stun on you somehow. Though it has taught me to unlock a whole lot more quicker and often I guess--oh and to stay stealthy regardless and not engage unless I can vulture off the impending massacre caused by their carelessness ...but still, F THEM!!! They are so annoying!

Back on the subject though, I never used Firecrackers effectively before, what kind of range do they have if you don't throw them in a specific spot? I feel like I need to start using more abilities that expose players if they are hiding properly. I tend to add poison to each of my ability sets, but that leaves me handicapped with only knives and one other defensive ability. Lol I really love to rack up some great Poison points, but I barely get to use it in Assassinate as much as the other FFA modes because the opportunity can't arise. (Once again due to sprinterbaiters)
We can waste time arguing, or we can get things done!
3 years ago#14
I like to change the skills/perks around a lot. Not great with any of them but I do find the perk sixth sense a godsend. I did use knives but I use the pistol now so I can take down smoke bomb spammers.
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3 years ago#15
Yeah, I don't even try for Poison much in Assassinate. In most of my game modes, I try to hit my Poison and Dart kills pretty quickly for the boost and the two bonuses but then I swap off them into something to try to maintain control of the game. It's pretty hard in Assassinate though. Pretty much gotta run Smoke and do a Smoke Poison kill (pretty lame) or get a kill when others are massacring each other. Still, Poison does give you two benefits in Assassinate other than the point bump. You can kill a guy without totally giving you away, and you can get both kills in one of those situations where you run up on a guy who's just stunned someone else. Poison the down guy real quick and then get a kill on the other before he can kill the stunned guy.

Even so, that tactic really isn't one that I like to use very often.

I liked Firecrackers in ACB Assassinate a lot just because they allowed me to get the lock first, but I stopped using them somewhat because sometimes they just get the lock anyway (angle, skill, lag, lots of reasons) and it didn't always break their lock. It might be better in AC3 though.
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3 years ago#16
Firecrackers work pretty well in AC3 Assassinate. They break locks like in all the games, but AC3's Assassinate seems to add a requirement that you be locked onto your current target when you do a kill. So, even if someone acquires a contract on you when you drop Firecrackers (via lag or missed timing), you'll often dodge their attack when they try to kill you. Since they're blind at the time, that sometimes opens up a stun, as well.
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3 years ago#17
I'm starting to like shield a lot more lately. When I see a player above like level 25 or so, I just assume they have smoke so I've been bringing shield now. It makes it so much easier to knife stun people with smoke. Lol I made a couple people rage quit the other day. One guy tried to shoot me and I shielded it then knife stunned him and he quit. It was awesome. Lol
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3 years ago#18
I'm always making new sets, especially when I find new ways to use weak/underrated abilities. Teleport is pretty useful in Wanted, Closure is HILARIOUS in AA. I used Disruption as a "tag" on a fleeing target earlier to easily find him blended. Creativity is king.
3 years ago#19
Closure is HILARIOUS in AA.

Howso? I expect half the people playing AA are using Unstoppable, so trying to block people with Closure is likely to be useless, and using it to open chasebreakers for yourself is a waste when you could just use Unstoppable instead.
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3 years ago#20
You'd be surprised at how well it works. Many will pass on unstoppable for cooldowns / sixth sense / hot pursuit, and closure has helped me catch artifact carriers very consistently. In short, it works precisely because no one expects it.
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