Templar goals in Seq. 5 and What ifs (Possible Spoilers)

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I'm afraid that I haven't been reading the Assassin's Creed Database very much. However, I am curious as to what the Templar's goals were in starting the Boston Massacre?

Also, if Connor had never been born, or been an assassin; how do you think the Templar's plans would have proceeded? I ask this only because it appears to me that roughly half way through the game, the Templars have to change their plans and actions on account of Connor's actions.

I apologize if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. Thank you.
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Kept building their power base in America, probably.
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Initially, the Templars have backed the English as it offers an existing power base for them to exploit. Thrre is some dialogue about them preferring the rigid order permeating the the British aristocracy but it is made pretty clear by Haytham that they don't care either way.

Over the course of the story Connor's military successes force the Templars to throw their weight behind the Colonists. Most of this is covered in conversations with Achilles and Haytham. You can always get Shawn's take by skipping to the end of a database entry.
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I always thought that the templars where out to create the US in the first place and that they started the Boston massacre to piss off the people into rebelling.
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#5CRtwentyPosted 2/1/2013 5:43:26 PM
In typical Templar fashions their goal seemed to be getting their members into high positions on both sides and using that to increase their power. Had they succeeded in their plans they would have had Templars as the Commanders of both armies, and could have manipulated the war any way they chose to further their own interests.

For the most part they seemed to be trying to get "legitimate" control over most of the colonies.
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#6divot1338Posted 2/1/2013 8:33:32 PM
CRtwenty posted...

For the most part they seemed to be trying to get "legitimate" control over most of the colonies.

That's a pretty loose interpretation of the word legitimate. But I'll give you that and even go as far as suggest that the Templars we see here are putting in place the launch site for their real bid for control. Post-solar catastrophe.

They just don't know they're doing what Juno/Charles Lee wants.
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