This game - in my opinion - is boring

#1Lip_58Posted 2/2/2013 7:41:00 PM
Okay. So I've been playing for like 12 hours now. I'm on sequence 8 and dude this game is sooo bad.

I mean, seriously. The guy, Connor is extremely unlikable and autistic - "WHERE IS CHARLES LEE?" - lel.

Everything it seems I have been doing is running around fetching stuff and mass murdering redcoats. The game just throws wave after wave of enemies everywhere and oh you wanna jump your way through rooftops like you did in the previous games? lolnope you can't because there is a goddamn soldier with x-ray pro 420 noscope 1337 vision in every roof and he will call all the boys to the yard and they are like much better than yours and they are gonna hunt you down non stop.

So the game goes like this so far. Running around, stabbing redcoats, being attacked by hordes of wolves - yeah, I know they roam in packs but really Ubisoft? There are times where like 10 wolves will attack you non stop and then you have to keep pressing the qwerty sequence to murder then ( by the way I can't stand Connor saying "namah" or whatever he says before skinning something every goddamn time.

Oh yeah dude, but what about the sea parts were you control the ship and stuff. They are cool right?

Yes, they are pretty damn cool. Best part of the game I would say but guess what? To open more ship missions you have to - tada! - do some more fetch quests and even after you do those you only have like 10 missions and that is it.

Oh and let's use fast travel right? Yeah before you lose more 3-4 hours finding the fast travel stations around town.

And god the combat. No dude, listen, the combat is so bad. Hit counter, if it's a normal enemy then you hit attack, if it's a more heavy type hit disarm. There is combat. Repeat until you murder everyone. And yeah, double counter is awesome and super rare to happen.

This is all opinions and I needed to vent. This game is in no way worth even half the price they are asking for it and I didn't even talk about the bugs. I have fallen through the floor at least 8 times already.

So yeah Ubi, I'm sorry but I can't play this. It's not fun, it's not gorgeous, it's not nothing. It's just a lot of half decent ideas + some mass murdering + rdr copy paste huntinglel bundled together stamped with AC brand .

You don't need that feature. By streamlining and taking out these useless things Bethesda has made the game a better and more immersing experience.
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I found it extremely boring as well. Huge pacing issues.
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My first playthrough I was playing mostly from the ground and I didn't enjoy it as much. Once I "perfected" the art of using all the mid elevation objects to move around I could attack or bypass those snipers however I wanted.

A lot of the options just don't appear as efficient until you can basically cross the frontier without ever touching ground. Also, retrieving the almanac pages are great for learning the quickest routes.
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hit all my problems with this game.
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#5NarutoLordPosted 2/3/2013 4:22:34 PM
Having just completed most of Sequence 7, I have to agree.

I've completed every side mission currently available to me, and most of the side missions are fetchy. "Hit B to activate. Go to these locations. Hit B again or kill someone. Done!" The Boston assassination contracts were boring. The liberation missions were likewise boring and done quick. I'd hit the forts in the wilderness, but I'm waiting to become an official Patriot since clearing forts out brings in the blue army. The frontiersmen missions are even worse! "Find a clue in this area. Find a location. Done!" Very little resolution for a job well done, something I feel AC2 and Brotherhood did very well.

Part of the fun of AC to me was that there was always fun stuff to do, even if that was simply moving from Point A to Point B. In this game, going from Point A to Point B just seems lackluster.
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I hate to agree, but do. I finished every AC game (except 1, which was SUPER repetitive), and they've always felt like a chore to put in the disk tray. I have good *memories* of the game, but usually a more fun game will get my attention and get played instead.
Have to finish my "chores"... I mean sequences.
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#7Dragon NexusPosted 2/3/2013 8:36:38 PM
Seemed Ubisoft was so fixated on giving you stuff to do, they completely lost track of the main focus on the game.

AC1 was the one that got the feel of planning and executing (heh) your assassinations and a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you got in, killed your target and got out according to the route you'd made for yourself.

With every subsiquent game they've added more trivial side quest BS that took you further and further away from that.
I remember in AC2 thinking it all looked and felt so much better, but my first assassination felt completely hollow and token. Like I'd just killed some guard or other. AC2 was a better game in every way *except* the assassinations.
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Dragon Nexus posted...
AC2 was a better game in every way *except* the assassinations.


AC1 got so boring but the main assassination missions were great. I felt like a true badass assassin on that game. Another thing I hate is now you have to kill main targets EXACTLY how the game wants you to other wise you get "desynced for blah blah". Back on AC1, if you made your presence known like an idiot, you had to figure out how to get through the masses of guards and reach your target again, then figure out how to get the heck out of there. Fun times without the whole "you have been desynced for not taking the correct back alley" -rolls eyes-
#9theodorelPosted 2/3/2013 11:57:32 PM(edited)
I think a huge problem is a lack of growth or interest with Connor. He still has the same halting voice acting and mannerisms even after numerous timeskips while in AC2 Ezio had a lot of things happen that he has different reactions to. Probably because the plot revolves mostly around him and is driven by him instead of a huge war. There are some moments where I felt something with him, like when he's with his tribe or going after those Patriot messengers when they attack the village, but little else.

In AC1 you were in the middle of the Crusades, but you didn't really take part in battles until the end, you just focused on the targets and remained CONCEALED.

Strangely enough, I'm looking forward to another Connor game, but this time with the plot revolving around what he wants to do, more facial expressions, more genuine warmth, some closure with Dobby...

To be honest, I've been waiting for a quest where we see someone who's NOT affiliated with the Templars who hates the Assassins for killing their father, brother, son, cousin, whatever to get a new perspective. I mean, Ezio alone killed at least ten thousand people and no one's fcking caught on? We need to see them taken down a peg.
#10Dragon NexusPosted 2/4/2013 7:10:26 AM
From: theodorel | #009
I think a huge problem is a lack of growth or interest with Connor. He still has the same halting voice acting and mannerisms even after numerous timeskips while in AC2 Ezio had a lot of things happen that he has different reactions to.

This was sort of an issue with having Ezio hang around for so long, we got to really see him grow as a character. Connor hasn't got the luxury of time.
But honestly, I liked Ezio early on. Connor I'm still trying to give a damn about. I've been trying to work out if thinking his world view is wrong makes me cynical, or if *knowing* his world view is wrong makes me a realist. After all a cynic is what an idealist calls a realist.

Another issue is the demise of the brotherhood. I just feel like some schmuck in the costume, I don't feel like I've been brought into the fold, a single member of a larger organisation. Ezio had a similar issue for a little while, but it soon became apparent there were more of you.
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