The ending is a sigh, but the Abstergo infiltration is sheer stupidity(SPOILERS)

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I agree with all of this. That whole stage was awfully done.
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From: Sesheenku | #008
Didn't God of War already do something like that? Nah man it's okay they used Greek gods.

How, on god's green earth, are GoW and AC remotely similar?
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yeah I didn't feel like I was infiltrating the same Abstergo building that Desmond was in in the first game...the first game and the second made them seem so powerful. But that mission was just...what?! GIVE DESMOND HIS OWN GAME
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Wasn't it supposed to be like that, the first time you're shown Abstergo in AC1 and 2 Desmond has no fighting skills and no free running skills. He didn't even believe that he Templars are real and his parents were conspiracy nuts so early on Abstergo seems like a powerful enemy. After AC2 and on Desmond has gained knowledge and skill from Altair, Ezio, and Connor. He also has accepted being an Assassin knowing what needs to be done. So going into the Abstergo building with all those skill they no longer seem all powerful. Also Desmond knows that they are expecting him might as well go through the quickest route to his target and not waste time.
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Yeah I was hoping for a epic battle between Desmond and those master templars
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I feel the developers put more thought into the historical aspect than in the present day missions, which is odd considering most of the historical missions have been mapped out by historians in the 200+ years following the Revolutionary War, so it's like they put next to no thought in the missions really.

But everything else about the game is pretty awesome.
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FredCat07 posted...
Coontemptus posted...
I would argue that they didn't know the apple's power, as they were never able to replicate it because they didn't have anyone else who was a descendant of TWCB. Either way, the whole sequence and story is a mess.

I didn't really catch who Cross was, but I don't follow the comic books or whatever it was where he was introduced.

Cross was another Assassin, but left that group to joining Templar. However, he suffered the same fate as Subject 16, Clay, did - Bleeding Effect. Desmond handled that just fine.

I got that much I think, but where did he come from?

Is he in a comic book or in a portable game? I've only played the main series.
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He's from the comic book series. There were three comics that focused on him and his ancestor, Nikolai Orlov, during the Russian Revolution.
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Pennywise380 posted...
He's from the comic book series. There were three comics that focused on him and his ancestor, Nikolai Orlov, during the Russian Revolution.

Ah that makes much more sense. They acted like he was someone important, but I've played every game and never heard of him. Thanks.
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The Subject 4 saga is now in two graphic novels, The Fall and The Chain. Ubiworkshop has it in one volume if you pre-ordered AC3 (not sure if it's available by itself).
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