What is Assassins Creed Initiates

#1Carlos_lccPosted 2/19/2013 1:16:28 AM
What exactly is the Assassinís Creed Initiates is just for feedback to ubisoft or is it something else?
#2Bloodlines1191Posted 2/19/2013 3:58:37 AM
It's a community-based website for all things AC. It's mostly known for it's Modern-Day saga called "The Desmond Files" which was updated throughout days of the month (think ARG story).

It ended on Dec. 21. 2012 and the epilogue was after the recovery process (when the Alpha ended).
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#3bobbyrkPosted 2/19/2013 9:01:06 AM
Among other things, it was a timeline of events in the series, updated daily from last September to December 2012 (the time period Desmond's story takes place during). It also had a timeline of events throughout history for the AC series. Now they're doing something a bit different with it. Can't discuss because of an NDA.
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Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.