Liberation Glitched?

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User Info: drj898

4 years ago#1
Is my liberation mission(s) glitched in East New York? I just liberated West, I'm in the middle of sequence 9, and I have East "disputed" at 80%. There aren't anymore liberation mission icons on the map, so I really don't have anywhere else to go.

Then again, in West New York, I had no more icons left either, and I realized it was a rabid dog I didn't put down--as soon as I randomly found and killed that dog (which sorta makes me feel bad btw), I was able to speak to my contact and recruit him, liberating the area. Is there something in East District I'm missing?
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User Info: RGPanzner

4 years ago#2
Map markers are glitchy. Your best bet is to go on youtube to look for the markers. I had to look for the North New York markers cause they refused to display on my map.
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