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3 years ago#11
Feel free to add me as well, especially if you know what a poisoned target looks like.

I've already got all the dark costumes + the relic for finishing wolfpack on every level (done with a team of 4 so I know what I'm doing ;)

Just send me a message on XBL so I know where you got my Tag from and what for, GT is in the sig.
GT: Social Sin
Fanboys = The bane of any intelligent individual
3 years ago#12
not to grow a huge ego or anything, but if anyone is looking for wolf pack players then hit me up. I can get to senquence 4 in one kill, and I can show others how to do it. I have also completed 2 of them 1 of which was by myself. I can typically get to 19 by myself after that it's just by luck of the draw I try to find the right one and not a body guard. I will not steal your kill so you don't have to worry about that. Hit me up if anyone wants to play Death Stalker50. I am an adult so you won't be hearing some kid play.
3 years ago#13
Any good player can get to round 4 on the first kill. It starts to get harder around the 20s on solo. I just started playing too. Multiple good players a lobby should at LEAST have four minutes remaining constantly.

When I came to this topic, I assume everyone's at least good as me or better in this topic.
Blues Soul 617
3 years ago#14
I'll probably add everyone that posted here so I'm more likely to be online with at least one person.
Blues Soul 617
3 years ago#15
I've deleted some people that didn't respond when I asked to play Wolfpack...
Blues Soul 617
3 years ago#16
I'm online right now as of Sun Apr 14/2013, anyone want to do some Wolfpack? I only need one more Dark costume to unlock and if I can find a good player we can do so in private. Such 2 players can be all 25 levels so long as you sync nearly every kill and work on geeting as many Hidden/Incognito kills as possible -- easily done. Hit me up:

Gamertag - Wichtby just but in AC3 multiplayer in either text or voice when you send a friend request.
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